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One of Jeddah's touristic areas is the City Walk area, which offers a wide range of activities and shows for the whole family. This intriguing event covered the largest area of Jeddah season 2022 where 15 marvelous shows were performed by our 66 talented artists distributed on different zones.

City Walk is notable for its breathtaking entrance, as there were moving clocks, metal models, and marvelous designs created specifically to enhance the visuals of the reception area; moving to parades and acrobatic performances with fancy costumes; followed by the Vintage Circus with spectacular acts and daring performers, to Medieval show with crazy dragon stilts attracting all segments of the audience. Not only that, but also our artists went back in time with the coolest Giant Vintage Bicycle accompanied with its complementary music.

During the live shows we turned the audience internal energy and had them light the bulbs with their own bare hands! An unforgettable Tesla show that included amazing experiments with live lightning, to direct their attention later into The Vintage Musician Acrobat which was something that is undoubtedly worth seeing.

Other shows included Clock Characters, Laser Violin, Fire Drummers, Fashion stilts, Helium Balloon Aerial, One Man Band, Greenery, Human Fountain, Captain Cook Dance, and amusing Music Parade.

These spectacular performances offered the audience a remarkable experience!

Let spring spirit bloom with Taif Flower Festival displaying 14 of our spectacle shows presented by 100 professional artists. Greeting visitors with stunning flower stilt walkers and unique flowery costumes. Bringing humor and creativity wherever they go, our acrobatic African troupe, jugglers, and jumpers brought excitement to the audience; moving to the mirror creatures reflecting a unique effect, and an astonishing fire show that featured fire breathing and twirling.

A creative blend of magic and bubble art, guests enjoyed giant bouncy and smokey bubbles. Other shows included, Rollers, a Painting Doll, a Wishes Book, a Slinky and a Unicycle that created a great interaction with kids.

This festival brings all the amazing vibes to life!

One of the biggest toy festivals in Jeddah held at Jeddah Superdome in cooperation with Spacetoon that left kids excited and amazed. It included various activities and 6 of our stunning shows performed by 35 of our talented artists.

Kids were thrilled participating in our shows starting with the Grand Parade including a music band that spread happiness all around, acrobats with dazzling moves, colorful stilt walkers and Jugglers entertaining all the guests, stretchy colored slinky performing several tricks, and not to forget the wishes book and a painting doll.

On the other hand, The Bubble show left kids excited and astonished to share, in addition to the Magic animal show that performed illusions, tricks and sleight of hand.

The sea is our infinite stage! Marina Jeddah Water theater show 2022, an outstanding outdoor show presented by 22 artists entirely on water with a sprinkle of magic. A performance like no other, this show included performers walking on water, a floating bed, boats, cars, and a big wheel with red fancy dress with comical acts accompanied by striking fire displays and fireworks that lit the magical sky.

Bringing the tropical jungle vibes to Jeddah season 2022 with our 22 professional performers. Our jungle show was a wild hit starting with animal cosplays, artistic colorful jungle themed costumes, and a marvelous parade taking visitors on an exciting adventure in the wild. Moving to fascinating stage performances presenting circus disciplines that included a Hand Stand act balanced in the air, Unicycle, Cyr Wheel that rolled around the stage with a combination of strength and agility, and an entertaining lively dragon dance that included lifting, dipping, and thrusting the dragon’s head.

This show created a beautiful image of the jungle and manifested a type of acrobatics that people enjoyed watching.

Alongside the Red Sea, we created new adventures and endless entertaining classical spectacles. At Marina Jeddah season 2022, we took our audience into another level with 6 of our magnificent classical shows performed by 32 talented artists. Muze Entertainment presented unforgettable water theater show with astonishing moves and choreography.

Diving into the world of music, starting with the impressive Bottle Drumming show that demonstrated creativity and dexterity, followed by our Cello in a Bubble performance which produced mellow and warm music that was merged with luxury. We can’t forget our Harp with Lanterns show with red costumes, and definitely there was nothing better than a Classical Piano solo with a white ballerina as a closure.

Part of Jeddah season 2022, Promenade Jeddah an intriguing event that have encompassed magnificent entertainment shows. Under the impressive display of fireworks, the Aerial Violin performed a majestic show that brought a lot of joy. Elegant and sophisticated, our Led Ballerina on piano added an artistic touch to the event, followed by the Helium Balloon Aerialist performing spectacular moves that left visitors amused.

With conspicuous costumes and fascinating art movements our fire dancers specialized in fire twirling, fire breathing, and fire eating caught everyone’s attention; while our LED drummers and LED jugglers kitted out with glowing costumes and drums lined with dazzling red and white lights shifted the focal of the show with their dynamic moves and alluring performance.

Other shows included music parade, grand piano, frames, fly board, bicycle orchestra, unicycles acrobats, fashion stilts, and Tesla show.

This event held the attention and interest of all audience.

Back to Riyadh 2022, a distinctive experience that included numerous fun activities combined with knowledge and art suitable for kids of all age groups. We presented 11 of our appealing shows performed by 32 professional artists. Stunning visual and art performances starting with Paper Sculpture where visitors experienced a new form of art that expressed human ambiguous emotions, Caricature drawings of guests right away, moving to the Arabic Calligraphy creating art between letters dots, and curves leaving the viewers curious.

A dreamlike feeling that makes us gravitate toward space themed characters and rockets. Adding some amusement to the audience with the grand Piano show with enormous piano keys played with passion. Additionally, there were frames, sand artist, coffee painting, band parade, and musical band.

We turned your world upside down with our Opel 2022 show in Egypt, where our 10 professional dancers performed a miraculous vertical dance with vibrant classical dresses and golden suits moving freely without any gravity. Vertical dance, an exciting new form of dance that typically involves suspended dancers from the high up on a variety of vertical surfaces using rock climbing equipment like ropes, harnesses, and abseil devices. Within this show, acrobatics and dance are blended together and performed seemingly weightless on a vertical stage.

Opel’s show amazed the audience while they were performing their spectacular tricks telling a beautiful story.

This huge event consists of 8 parade floats, each representing a concept or a theme. "Back to Life” float was the first to start with, including colorful bands presenting an outstanding performance, stilts and acrobats dancing spreading good vibes all around, and an aerialist performance that has captured visitor’s attention. "The Vision” float followed the "Back to Life” float, where LED Ballerinas wearing gorgeous costumes with sparkling LED lights performed stunning movements. Moving on to the unique LED peacock tail, a LED cube juggler, and gyro skates brightening the night with fascinating performances.

The "Sports” float, presented various types of acrobatics that included jumpers performing amazing acrobatic flips, rollers, BMX, and Cyr wheel with stunning performance adding energy to the show. Getting to the "Sea World” float with sea characters like a star fish, a sea horse, a fish, and a mermaid illustrating sea vibes, dancing along with colorful Slinky, and the blue Aerialist artistic moves.

Followed by "The Army” float with the green Saudi Arabian Army costumes, and a fire show consisting of fire twirling and fire breathing that attracted all visitors, accompanied by a live marching band representing the image of the Saudi Arabian Army.

Coming to the "Saudi Heritage” float with the Saudi Arda Team performing a folkloric dance with colorful traditional costumes representing their culture, along with national songs and waving flags keeping the audience attracted. Since Taif is famous for the fragrant flowers that grow in its surrounding, the "Taif” float with floral theme where colorful flower stilts and jugglers with eye – catchy flower costumes performed an outstanding show leaving visitors amused.

The ending was with the "Abha” float, demonstrating the beauty of Abha city with stilts wearing Saudi costumes and acrobatic acts with fire adventurous performances.

Abha - Taif, a monumental event that captured the attention and imagination of all visitors and exceeded expectations.

The graduation of the 27th batch of Dubai police academy dated on the 15 of January 2020 in the Coca-Cola arena was definitely one of the most spectacular ceremonies in the Middle East region.

Attended by crown prince of Dubai, his highness Sheikh Hamden Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, a wonderful show was performed with more than six different dimensions of entertainment, such as 3D mapping, laser and light shows, robots, hologram, projection and much more.

Starting with a large video mapping for landmarks, structures and infrastructure facilities (Sheikh Zayed road, Dubai frame, the Arabian center, cinema outlet) passing through the history and evolution of Dubai from small settlement to a modern city with high technology, to a several army marches perfectly synchronized to form different shapes of UAE leaders portraits, followed by choreographed lights, and music.

More than ten million viewers from all over the world have witnessed the greatness of entertainment shows in an amazing ceremony that can’t be forgotten.

A wonderful show was performed with more than six different dimensions of entertainment, such as 3D mapping, laser and light shows, robots, hologram, projection and much more in Al Ahsaa metropolis.

Large holograms of landmarks, structures and infrastructure facilities, passing through the history and the evolution of the country from small settlement to a modern city with high technology, to a huge video mapping on the surface of the arena, left the audience extremely stunned by the great intent and effort of the work team who present the country in a way that suit the reputation of Saudi Arabia kingdom.

Chinese New Year is about to move into the fast lane – as Ferrari World Abu Dhabi plays host to a massive nine-day celebration.

Drums, paper lanterns and dancing dragons will be on display at the ever-popular Yas Island theme park to help mark the start of the Year of the Dog.

The fourth annual event (the first day of the New Year) with a traditional Chinese ceremony to invoke good wishes and a prosperous year ahead, with Chinese dignitaries in attendance.

The spectacular line-up will include captivating performances, who will wow the crowds with circus and martial arts performances, bicycling balancing, meteor and hoop acts.

In the heart of Georgia and on one of its highest skyscrapers we have put on a show for every one in Tbilisi to watch and for every angel in the Georgian sky to witness. A visual representation of Georgia historically and culturally, we transferred a skyscraper into a canvas and told the whole city a bright and vivid story through the latest that technology has provided and finished up the show with a choreographed fireworks that lit up the sky of the Eastern European turf. One of our greatest achievements that we have delivered smoothly and with ease.
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The story of Muze Entertainment


Our story started with Mr. Aleksandr Kobalia, an acrobat from Patar Lilo, a town north east Tbilisi separated from the capital of Georgia by the Tbilisi Reservoir. Kobalia was an acrobat who toured across Georgia in the ‘50s of the last century back when Georgia was under the Soviet rule, he did shows from Tbilisi to Batumi to Poti and Zugdidi to Kutaisi and Brjomi to Gori alongside many other acrobats. After the Georgian independence in 1991 his son Mikhaiel, who carried on his father’s tradition as he accompanied him in his tours, started to arrange and perform acrobat acts alongside other acrobats that he used to manage. Mikhaiel shows, that he called "Gasartobi” (გასართობი) which stands for "the amusing”, and which blended athleticism with comedy became famous even outside the borders of the newly born Georgia where he started to tour in other eastern european countries like Ukraine and Romania while meeting other artists from these countries and incorporating them into his shows. In 1996 Mikhaeil and his team had the chance to perform in Western Europe for the first time in a show that was held in Frankfurt in Germany and which was attended by French and English prospectors that were amused and delighted by "The Amusing” and its setup, this event gave Mikhaiel and the rest of the acrobats a chance to become an international act as he had the chance to meet a lot of people that were ready to hire him and his crew to perform on several French and English events. At this time Mikhaiel was dreaming big, he wanted his new international performances to be more diversified as he decided not perform the same show twice and that is where Mikhaiel transformed from an aging acrobat to an agent that orchestrates shows and recruits artists to perform them; shows that include acrobats, circus acts, musicians, stilt walkers and so many other acts. After a successful decade touring in all of Europe Mikhaiel’s "The Amusing” agency was rebranded as Muze Arts & Entertainment and it was set to face a new challenge as it diverted its focus to the young and growing Dubai of the UAE where it contributed to various events introducing a various number of agencies to artists and performers of all genres and act types. Today we are a global talents’ agency with several offices all over the map, and we have been carrying on successful missions at every occasion and every event that we took part in, enriching each celebration with world class artists and performances that helped make every event memorable.